Thanks for visiting us at ASHE 2016! There, you would have seen our Comfort First Filtered Diffuser.


The Filtered Diffuser is making it’s way into more and more hospitals every day. Here are some of the locations you can find our product now.

Akron City Hospital  * Brookdale Hospital
Johns Hopkins Hospital * Kaiser Permanente
Stanford University * Yale School of Medicine
Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune
University of Iowa Hospital Center
University of Louisville Health Science


The Comfort First Filtered Diffuser helps to prevent complaints from office workers who are too hot or too cold at their desks.


The Comfort First Filtered Diffuser can help prevent the movement of Germs, Bacteria, pollen and other indoor air pollutants and promotes better health throughout your indoor environment through use of its MERV12 or MERV14 rated filters.



Dust Mite, Insect Feces and Hair


Weed and Tree Pollen

Strep-bacteriaAirborne Streptococcus Bacteria


If you would like to learn more, you can access documentation for our product here;

Comfort First Filtered Diffuser

Comfort First Brochure

Comfort First Filtered Diffuser Submittal

Comfort First Filtered Diffuser Specification Sheet

CFFD Performance Data MERV 12

CFFD Performance Data MERV 14


You can order Comfort First Filtered Diffusers here.