Is your cold office causing you to gain weight?

Have you recently started a new job in a chilly office? Or maybe you’ve been at your current job for a while, but you are constantly freezing. Did you know that a cold office or reduced daylight exposure can both affect your weight? Alan Hedge, a workplace design specialist at Cornell University has been publishing…read more

Are You Sealed in with Polluted Air?

These days, when you think about Air Pollution you are probably thinking about the wrong areas. If you are thinking about smog or smoke outside, take a moment to consider the air you breathe inside as well. Over the last few years air quality outdoors has been monitored and improved thanks to legislation like the…read more

Black Mold in GSA Buildings?

Recently, a number of federal employees were potentially exposed to black mold due to an ill-maintained government leased building. The watchdog report highlights that the Public Building Service (PBS) an agency of the General Services Administration (GSA) leased the Tampa, Florida building for Customs and Border Protection but may not have ensured that the building…read more

Microbes in Your AC Coils?

Pretty soon it’s going to be summer, and Air Conditioning might feel like your best friend again. But, as more and more people are starting to realize, air conditioning can be a double edge sword delivering thousands of harmful microbes along with your refreshing cool air. The Chemical and Environmental Engineering Faculty at Yale University…read more

Tactics To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

Did you know that Americans spend 90% of their time indoors on average? Dr. Claudia Aguirre of the Huffington Post has summed up some of the reasons indoor air quality is so important in her article, “You May Want To Read This Outside.“ She lets us know that in 2014, the World Health Organization determined…read more

Having trouble Deciding Which Backpan You Need?

Once you’ve decided that the Comfort First Filtered Diffuser is right for you, the next step is selecting your mounting option, based upon you existing Air Conditioning or the new office design you are completing. There are a couple of main options, and our new video helps you decide which one is right for you. As the…read more

What Have We Learned about the Microbiomes of Indoor Environments?

Microbiomes Webinar Now Available Online! The US EPA has just release a webinar on the current state of the science on microbiomes and the built environment. Dr. Brent Stephens, Associate Professor of Architectural Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology, presented What Have We Learned about the Microbiomes of Indoor Environments? If you would like…read more

What is Thermal Comfort?

If you’re a property manager, you’ve probably seen the words thermal comfort recently including on this site and at conferences. More and more Thermal Comfort is becoming an important part of a property managers role. But what is Thermal Comfort? A person that is thermally comfortable is able to wear a normal amount of clothing and…read more

Do You Need a Vent Deflector?

Vent deflectors, also known as air diffusers, are a great product to help you keep your home and office a consistent temperature. Whether you get blasted by hot air in the winter and cold air in the summer, a vent deflector may be exactly what you need to keep yourself comfortable year-round. What is a…read more

There’s an Easier Way To Stay a Comfortable Temperature

Are you wanting to effectively cool and warm your office when seasons change? There’s no doubt about it; every office manager wants their workplace to be held at the most comfortable and consistent temperature possible. One of the easiest and mindless ways to do so is by making sure your office is equipped with a high quality…read more