Sick of hearing constant complaints about cold workers? Solve the problem today and get to your more pressing problems.

The Comfort First Filtered Diffuser has unique advantages to solving the problem of cold air blowing down onto works below.

• Adjustable air flow prevents conditioned air from blowing onto workers.

• Superior air distribution eliminates hot and cold spots, satisfying all workers at the same time.

• The MERV 12 filters capture particles that can cause allergies and illness, reducing company sick time

And The Even Simpler Control-A-Flow

The Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator is the original commercial air deflector and diverter sold since 1995! It deflects air from overhead vents to follow the ceiling line, rather than blowing onto people. Two 12″ x 24″ translucent plastic panels ride on the bottom lip of the rails and open and close like closet doors. When they meet in the middle, the air is redirected along the ceiling line, eliminating the cause of drafty air complaints. Installation takes about a minute and the only tool needed is a ladder.

Also available with a MERV 8 anti-microbial filter

Satisfied customers include:


Actavis Pharmaceuticals
NBC Studios
The County of Orange
Orange County Sheriffs


Kingston Technologies
Watson Labs
City of Anaheim
University California Irvine