What is Thermal Comfort?

If you’re a property manager, you’ve probably seen the words thermal comfort recently including on this site and at conferences. More and more Thermal Comfort is becoming an important part of a property managers role.

But what is Thermal Comfort?

A person that is thermally comfortable is able to wear a normal amount of clothing and feels neither too hot nor too cold. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety makes in clear that this important for ones well being and productivity. They describe the key factors in achieving Thermal Comfort as air temperature, humidity and air movement all within a critical range.

When the air isn’t moving in your office and if the humidity is around 50%, then temperature is the most critical aspect of an employee’s thermal comfort. But as we’ve known for years, no one temperature can keep everyone satisfied. Too hot, and an office will tire is employees out, too cold and the employees will be constantly distracted and restless.  So how can you keep thermal comfort for all your employees or work colleagues?

The answer is simple, redirecting the cold or hot (depending on the season) air to the employees that need it. The adjustable four-way louvers on the Comfort First Filtered Diffuser make it the best product on the market to accomplish this!

And if you’re looking for an option that installs in just seconds (and even better the only tool you need is a ladder) check out the Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator. Both of these products are vent diffuser/deflectors that will deflect the cool air in your office where you need it, keeping your employees happy and productive!

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has detailed outlines regarding Thermal Comfort. You can find them here.