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At Comfort First Products, we’re proud to serve a variety of clients across the country. We strive to provide thermal air comfort and air quality products that will enhance a business’s work environment and each employee’s well-being. We’ve partnered with medical facilities, universities, government organizations, and more, supplying high-quality products that improve indoor air quality and filtration.

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"Fine product. Easy to install. The customer service exceeded my expectations."

- Mark Knackert, Stoney Creek

"I have been using IDM's Control-A-Flow product for several years. I have just recently tried their Comfort First Filtered Diffuser which I feel is the best way to go. This product does exactly what it is designed to do. Everyone in the office just loves it."

- Daniel Lopez, Lakin Tire Company


- Anonymous

"When you have an 8' ceiling in an office environment, standard diffusers can be the cause of most temperature complaints. Your diffusers eliminate skin effect cooling and force the air across the ceiling instead of a downward angle. Also in a clinical area, the extra filtration is helpful."

- Bob Praschil, Glen Rock Public Schools

"It works well and all of my employees appreciate it."

- Ben Giongco, Fivey Company

"The product was defect free and had a very nice finish. All parts fit and the installation was easy. The product was installed in our superintendent of school's office and he found the low profile to be visually pleasing. I will be installing many more in our administration building."

- Mike Messerer, Simi Valley Unified School District

"I worked with David Northcutt on ordering the product. He explained everything in great detail, was very knowledgeable, helpful and stayed in contact with me."

- Christine McCall, McCall's Quality Services

"The system works extremely well. We are in a factory environment and the exhaust fumes would come into the office. With this product, it provided clean air and the headaches we were incurring from before."

- Wesley MacAllister, Enviah

"Fast service and quick shipping."

- Greg Attawau, Wyoming Medical Center

"David was so helpful and knowledgeable, he knew what we needed and filled out the necessary work order and it was out to be delivered. We should get our items today and it was order yesterday, one day service is great. Would definitely let others know about my experience with the company. Thank you for a good job!"

- Ted Chavez, Biosense Webster, Inc.

"Setting up an account was very easy. The rep I spoke with was very knowledgeable and responsive to my questions. I look forward to doing more business with this company."

- Christine Mosher, Vishay

"We have this diffuser in three of our properties, including a new office building for which we asked our HVAC contractor to specify them for all the air-supply vents. The diffusers not only divert conditioned air away from staff directly under the vents, they disperse it more evenly and allow us a quick check of the air quality by inspecting the (replaceable) filters that are part of the unit. Finally, International Diversified Marketing provides strong support as needed. We're very glad to have Comfort First diffusers in our buildings."

- Suzanne Richards, Facilities Manager , Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products

"Excellent service, quick delivery, reasonable pricing."

- Kevin Moffett, Yale University School of Medicine

"Using the Comfort First Filtered Diffuser saved me a lot of problems by the way they work. The filtration system that is offered is a BIG plus. These diffusers are great!"

- Glenn Terry, Senior Mechanic, NBC Studios

"After trying other fixes, I bought my first Comfort First Filtered Diffuser and installation took only a few minutes. The nurses love it, no more draft complaints now!"

- Eddie Hall, HVAC/R Technician, Twentynine Palms Hospital

"We had one of our employees wearing a glove on one hand when typing because of the breeze. After installing the Comfort First Filtered Diffuser and some adjusting, problem solved. Ordered six more!"

- John Glose, Facilities Supervisor, Grand Island Central Schools

"These diffusers have worked wonders for my company. The complaints stopped since I added the Comfort First Filtered Diffuser. I believe in this product and they are wonderful people to do business with!"

- Colby Gravely, HVAC Technician, A-dec Inc.

"Charles Schamanski had several employees suffering from frequent colds from drafty air vents while others had constant nasal allergies from pollutants blowing out of the vents. "Once we installed the Control-A-Flow with the Anti-Microbial Filter, the complaining employees had their aliments abated" said Schamanski. "They pay for themselves from reduced sick days taken"

- Charles Schamanski, Ford Motor Company, Senior Plant Engineer

"This product is fantastic. It diffuses the air while maintaining balanced air volume. Our employees love it!"

- Johnny Percivale, Rockwell International, Project Engineer

"Control-A-Flow has eliminated complaints we get from people who don't like the breeze. It allows my technicians to concentrate on more urgent matters. It's a win-win product"

- Paul Johnson, Facilities Supervisor, Hughes Research

"My executive secretary had allergy attacks each morning when the air conditioning first turned on", said Jon Dietz. "Once we installed the Control-A-Flow with Anti-microbial Filter, her watering eyes and sneezing attacks ended."

- Jon Dietz, president of Financial Statement Services Inc.

"Patients complained how cold our treatment rooms were. After we installed the Control-A-Flow, the complaints stopped."

- Dr. Christopher J. Miller, Chiropractor

"The Control-A-Flow does everything we expected. It circulates the air throughout the room, while preventing the air from blowing directly onto people. The employees really like it!"

- Mike Anderson, TRW Information Services Facilities Technician


Viable solutions for hospitals and clinics


Better airflow for higher education


Improved thermal comfort for office settings


Clean, comfortable working environments


  • Azusa Pacific Laboratories
  • Brookhaven Labs
  • Actavis US Pharmaceutical
  • Watson Labs
  • Lawrence Livermore Labs Medical
  • John Hopkins Medical Institution
  • Talbert Medical
  • Little Co. of Mary Hospital
  • Saint Mary's Hospital
  • Eastern State Hospital
  • University Hospital of Cleveland


  • Berkeley
  • Purdue
  • Notre Dame
  • University of Iowa
  • UC San Diego
  • Vanderbilt
  • Indiana State


  • Quicken Loans Arena
  • Carl's Jr. Restaurants
  • Toyota Racing Development
  • Toys-R-Us
  • NBC Studios
  • PPG
  • Intersil Corp.
  • Seagate Technologies
  • TEAC America
  • Kingston Technologies
  • Mangan Inc.
  • Young's Market Co.
  • Defense Media Center
  • Cooper-Hawkins Engineering, Inc.
  • A.W. Chesterton
  • First American Title


  • Raytheon
  • NY Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • San Diego County Airport
  • Toby Hanna Army Depot
  • City of Fountain Valley
  • Modesto Irrigation District
Comfort First Products

Customer Testimonials

We’ve worked with many different businesses over the years. Here are a few that have used our products recently!

West Coast Chiro waiting room

West Coast Chiropractic – Dr Sarah Woolever, D.C.

To help keep our office open during the Covid 19 Pandemic we installed the Comfort First Filtered Diffusers to filter the air as it enters the office and treatment rooms. We also installed Breathe Easy filters over the return air vents. As you can see from the picture the air is very dusty in the Lake Elsinore CA area.

The air smells cleaners and our patients are staying healthy. So glad we can add air filtration to our Covid safety plan.


Controlled Environment Dental Office

Dr Parsa T. Zadeh, DS, MAGD, FICOI of Beverly Hills is a Master dentist and President of GAOI – Global Academy of Oral Implantology.
To open his office and protect his staff and patients he has implemented the following procedures to control the environment.

  1. Limit the number of patients in the office at one time.
  2. Installed Ultra-Violent air cleaner in the office and reception areas.
  3. Glass to protect the staff from the clients in the reception area
  4. Have staff wear mask and limit gatherings.
  5. Installed Comfort First Filtered Diffusers with MERV 14 filters to filter the air going into the patient room with a filtration level similar to operating room filters.
  6. Two registers – supply Diffusers in patents rooms one from the building air conditioner and separate 5-ton AC for his offices only.
  7. Breathe Easy return air Filter to prevent air from offices to go into AC system
  8. Frequently use of DisCide wipes and ESOE Avaguard disinfectants and hand sanitizers
  9. Ozone generators – to help with the air.
  10. Making sure that the Dentist and all assistants are healthy and tested.
  11. Dentist and assistants wear personal protective equipment – over clothes, hair, nose, and mouth.
  12. In case someone might be sick or think they might be unhealthy positive air pressure suit protect the Dentist and assistant.
  13. Florescent die was used to trace the flow of the office air.

Dr. Zadeh is the cutting edge of “Controlled Environment Dentistry”. His procedures have been completed to protect his staff and patients.

To listen to Dr Zadeh’s video go to https://youtu.be/fO07OBlaeq4 or his website is www.Zadehdentistry.com

To purchase the Comfort First Filtered Diffuser https://www.comfortfirstproducts.com/product/cffd-775xx-cffd-77500-comfort-first-diffuser/

Or the Breathe Easy - https://www.comfortfirstproducts.com/product/breathe-easy-diffuser-filter/

If you’re interested in ordering any of our air quality and filtration products, you can do so through our online shop. For any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us at any time.

More Satisfied Customers

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US Navy
Kaiser Permanente
P G & E
US Postal Service
Kawasaki USA
Kinston Technologies
Rockwell International
L.A. Times
Roland Digital

*Note: International Diversified Marketing, Inc. is in no way affiliated with the above mentioned companies and this listing is not intended to represent an endorsement by those companies for the Comfort First Filtered Diffuser and the Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator with Anti-microbial Filter.

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