Brochures, Instructions, Specification Sheets

At Comfort First Products, we have worked hard to find a  solution to cool air flowing onto people from the air vents. Air conditioning is inevitable, especially in locations that reach outrageous temperatures during the summer. Since there isn’t a way to go around the HVAC unit itself, we’ve found a solution to the latter problem. Not only do our vent deflectors make work more comfortable for you, they are also made to filter the air as it passes, leaving you with a higher quality of breathing air and a more comfortable work place. When you’re looking for information on our air diffusers, we have you covered. Here you’ll find a list of brochures, instructions and specification sheets for each of our products. For any other questions you might have, contact our office or send us an email, and we’ll make sure to get back to you as quick as possible.


CAF installation No filter 2015

CAF Installation Instructions with Filter

CAF Replacement Filter Seamed Instructions 

CAF 48 Linear Slot Installation

2011 Ultrasorb4 U4100 (By Phone Order Only)

Comfort First Filtered Diffuser

Comfort First Filtered Diffuser Assembly Instructions

Comfort First Filtered Diffuser Submittal

Comfort First Filtered Diffuser Specification Sheet

Comfort First Filter Replacement Instructions

CFFD Performance Data MERV 12

CFFD Performance Data MERV 14

CFFD Electrostatic Filter MSDS

Comfort First Carbon Filter Replacement Instructions 

Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy Installation Instructions 2015

Brochures and Flyers

Comfort First Brochure

Control-A-Flow Full Color

Control-A-Flow White Background Brochure   (This brochure has a white background to save ink)

Sustainability Energy Savings 2013

Safcord Brochure

IDM Booth Flyer

Capabilities Statement

2017 WBENC Certificate

Filter Specifications and Material Safety Data Sheets

CFFD MERV12 Filter Performance Data Sheet

Electrete Filters MSDS 2017