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Being too cold at their desks is one of the most common complaints that people have while at work. You’ve likely seen people having to wear a jacket inside when it is warm outdoors, some even come prepared with blankets or a space heater for under their desk. Other people have allergies from the air that is circulating within an indoor workplace. You see this even more during spring time. Both of these productivity affecting issues are common in workplaces today, but they happen only when the necessary precautions aren’t taken with an overhead air vent diffuser.

There will always be air conditioning in the workplace, but as the owner or manager, you can get rid of the reasons people complain about the freezing air that is dumping on them from the ceiling. Whether you call it an air deflector, air diverter, supply air diffuser or air vent diffuser you will find our products are the only answer to these common workplace problems.

Both our Control-A-Flow® Draft Eliminator and Comfort First Filtered Diffusers™ redirect air along the ceiling and terminate drafts and cold breezes through superior airflow that works with all HVAC systems. Both of these air deflectors have filters that improve indoor air quality by filtering out pollens, dust mites, germs, volatile organic compounds, dirt, insects, and microorganisms that flow through most ducts and irritate individuals with allergies. Improve your indoor air quality (IAQ) with air filtration and purification from our range of filtered supply diffusers. Both products will fit into your existing 2x2 foot drop ceiling without any issue.

Whether your employees are experiencing allergies or just are too cold, Comfort First Products strives to provide you a source for your solution. As a company, we strive to improve employee comfort and safety in the office environment. Happy and healthy employees are more productive employees. By providing a wide variety of products that create a more comfortable, healthy, clean, and productive work environment, we enable our customers to have the success in their workplace that they desire. See what customers that are already using Comfort First products in their establishment are saying, here.