Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator – Air Diverter – Filtered Air


Give your employees and office space a comfortable working environment with a controlled air temperature. Our Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator Air Diverter comes with or without an anti-microbial filter. It features:

  • Technology to help control temperatures
  • Helps divert cold or hot air spots 
  • Equal air flow

The Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator Air Diverter is available as: 

  • Single Unit, CAF 00112, CAF 00114
  • Ten Pack (without filters) CAF 112-10
  • Five Pack (with filters) CAF 114-10 


Prices vary based on options selected below.


If you need replacement filters for the Control-A-Flow or Breathe Easy – Single sets and Ten Packs are available. 



If you’d like to eliminate the problem of drafts from overhead vents, check out the Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator with or without a filter from Comfort First Products.


  • The filtered model removes viruses, allergens, dust, bacteria, debris, molds, and other bacteriological elements before they enter the room.
  • Our Ceiling Air Diverter will help with Draft elimination and can redirect the flow of air that is expelled, the amount of sick time that needs to be taken, and the problem of uncomfortable employees.
  • This light, unobtrusive, perfectly balanced draft eliminator installs easily and is versatile enough to be relocated if necessary.

The Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator is the original commercial air deflector and air diverter sold since 1995! It deflects air from overhead vents to follow the ceiling line, rather than blowing onto people.

After an easy, step-by-step installation, the air is redirected along the ceiling line, eliminating the cause of drafty air complaints. Installation takes about a minute and the only tool needed is a ladder. What are you waiting for? Install the Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator with or without a filter today!

Specs: Fits over a 2′ x 2′ air vent or diffuser.

  • Filters Last 4 to 8 Months
  • Easy Installation
  • Saves Energy
  • Cuts Loss of Production

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions N/A
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Downloads and Data Sheets

Control-A-Flow Installation Instructions with and without Filter

Cintrol-A-Flow 48 Linear Slot Installation

Control-A-Flow Full Color

Control-A-Flow White Background Brochure   (This brochure has a white background to save ink)

2011 Ultrasorb4 U4100 (By Phone Order Only)