Is Legionella hiding in your Air Vents?


A recent outbreak of Legionnaires’s in the Wentachee, Washington has brought the importance of indoor quality into the limelight. People contract Legionnaire’s when they inhale tiny droplets contaminated with Legionella bacteria. Whilst many people will inhale this bacteria with no ill effects, once Legionnaire’s disease been contracted, it is very dangerous.

The disease has a fatality rate of between 5 and 30 percent based upon how quickly it is caught.

The only link currently between the infected peoples in Washington is that they have all shopped in the same Safeway. They have all been infected with respiratory infections.

The Comfort First Filtered Diffuser when equipped with MERV 14 filters is capable of greatly increasing indoor air quality and catching dangerous bacteria, lowering the chances of a dangerous respiratory diseases spreading through your building.

It’s for this reason, that increasingly hospitals are being called upon to filter their supply air to standards as good as MERV 13 or better.

It’s not just the US either, Legionella has been found in a number of hospitals in Queensland, Australia.

Why takes risks with your staff, patients or customers? Install the Comfort First Filtered Diffuser today and breathe easier.