4 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Workspace

One of the most important elements of employee management techniques is improving indoor air quality in the workspace. Multiple studies have found a correlation between indoor air quality and employee performance and health. According to research by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, air quality in an office can significantly impact employees’ ability to think, focus, and respond, all of which are crucial for determining their productivity level.

In worse cases, poor indoor air quality can have severe health effects such as headache, fatigue, hypersensitivity and allergies, and others. Since the quality of air in an office has considerable impact on employee performance, it is essential for employers to create a healthy and wholesome working environment, conducive to increased engagement and productivity. Here are four simple and affordable ways to improve air quality in an office.

Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is vital for improving indoor air quality. There are regulations on the percentage of fresh outdoor air required to be placed within the ventilation system. This can be augmented if possible by opening office windows and letting in outdoor air while HVAC systems are turned off. This promotes natural air circulation, replacing indoor air with cleaner and fresher outdoor air.

Change HVAC Filters Regularly

In most commercial buildings, HVAC systems have a very long uptime. The volume of air they circulate and the number of pollutants they capture can quickly and considerably lower the effectiveness of their filters. It is crucial to change these filters regularly to maintain good air quality and keep the HVAC systems running smoothly. Clogged and dirty filters can interrupt airflow, which not only degrades air quality, but also strains the HVAC systems.

Install High-Grade Filtered Diffusers

Air diffusers do more than simply directing or changing the angle of inflow of conditioned air from HVAC systems. Certain diffusers such as Comfort First Filtered Diffuser come with MERV 12 filters that can capture particles as small as 3/10ths of a micron at a 40% efficiency level and can capture the COVID-19 virus to up to 60% efficiency. Some even come with the MERV 14 option that is up to 80% efficient for that sized particle, which is about .5 a micron. These filters help make a workspace more comfortable and safer for employees, which is vital, especially in light of the Covid crisis.

Install Air Diverters with Anti- Microbial Filters

Commercial air vent diverters with anti-microbial filters such as the Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator – an air diverter can address two problems commonly faced in an office. One, it redirects airflow from overhead HVAC air vents, preventing it from directly blowing on to employees stationed below. Second, they come with an approximate MERV 8 efficiency level filters.


Indoor air quality is an important concern in the workplace as it has a close correlation with employee health, wellbeing, and performance. Good air quality is conducive to increased engagement, efficiency, and overall productivity. It also helps promote employee physical and mental health, which are vital for employee management.

If you’re looking for accessories for improving air quality in your office, check out the products offered by Comfort Air Products. They specialize in indoor air quality products that increase comfort and improve airflow while maintaining a proper system balance.