5 Reasons to Spring Clean Your Office

Spring has sprung, and cleaning your office is as crucial as ever, especially with more people coming back to the office now that we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for this global pandemic we have been battling for the past year. In this blog, we are going to go over five reasons why you should spring clean your office and the best ways to do it. Contact Comfort First to learn more about cleaning your company as part of your spring cleaning regimen!

Higher Productivity & Efficiency in the Office

Properly cleaning your office and maintaining that cleanliness is crucial to help employees do their jobs more effectively. Reducing germs and keeping your indoor quality high in the workplace keeps your team healthier and happier. It should come as no surprise, but employees work far more efficiently when they are not sick. You can keep this indoor air quality in your office with Comfort First’s air filter products here!

Fewer Injuries

Taking time to organize your office and providing a safe place for all of your office’s equipment reduces the likelihood that employees, vendors, and visitors will get hurt and put your company at risk of workers’ compensation and liability claims. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slips, trips, and falls account for more than 9 million emergency room visits each year.

Lower Sick Days Around the Company

With the pandemic still highly prevalent in our lives, proper sanitation and quality air are essential for offices worldwide. Even with COVID-19 being dangerous, other viruses and potentially harmful pollutants still exist out there. Reduce the sick days in your office by spring cleaning and making sure the air that everybody is breathing is quality and clean. Check out more air filtration products in our catalog to help maintain that cleanliness throughout the office.

Easier Supply Inventory Tracking

Organizing supplies lowers unnecessary spending and downtime. Keeping supplies in a central, organized location minimizes over-ordering. When you can easily see what you do and don’t need, you reduce duplicate orders and lost time from last-second runs to the office supply store. Another great way to cut costs is by purchasing store brands, which often offer a better-expected value without sacrificing quality or performance.

Everybody In Your Office Can Be Breathing Clean Air

Here at Comfort First, we stress the importance of indoor air quality in the workplace. This is essential not only for you and your employees, but for any customers or clientele who visit your store. CDC regulations have been more relaxed, allowing businesses throughout the country to open up and allow traffic through their doors. Ensuring that you provide your business with filtered air only has positive benefits. Quality air filters can block all of those potentially harmful pollutants that are brought in from your HVAC system like bacteria, viruses, pollen, and more. Learn more about how you can benefit your company here.

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