Air filter selection and COVID-19

The role of mechanical systems in minimizing pandemic transmission
By Gary Hamilton, PE, LEED AP

This article by Gary Hamilton discusses the use of HEPA filters in a hospital setting, but can easily be adapted for any office complex or other commercial applications. Hamilton states, “The HVAC system is by no means the only safeguard to protect doctors and nurses from getting infected; the role of the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is extremely important in providing the first level of defense. But an enhanced HVAC system design will minimize the recirculation of COVID-19-contaminated air in the hospital air distribution system.
Our Comfort First Filtered Diffuser can assist in helping to make offices and commercial buildings safe for employees to return to work. On March 16, 2020, the World Health Organization put out an “airborne precaution” for medical staff after a new study showed that the coronavirus can survive in the air in some settings. The study showed that the coronavirus can go airborne and stay in the air depending on factors such as heat and humidity. This is on top of the fact that was already known about the coronavirus being transmitted through droplets, mostly via sneezing or coughing. This means that the coronavirus can become aerosolized under certain environmental conditions. Meaning it can migrate into the ductwork only to be released back into the workspace.
The Comfort First Filtered Diffuser has 4 MERV 12 filters covering all of the discharge louvers. We have a MERV 14 option as well. This diffuser specifically addresses what contaminants have collected inside the ductwork and then capture these particles before they enter the workspace. To read the whole article by Gary Hamilton use this link: