COVID Is Airborne, Scientists Say. Now Authorities Think So Too

Recent studies have shown that COVID-19 is, in fact, able to travel airborne. Because of this new acceptance, scientists around the country are calling for business owners’ ventilation systems to be overhauled or at least updated to promote healthier inside conditions. Here at Comfort First Products, we take indoor air quality extremely seriously. Our filtered supply diffusers and vent filters are an alternative to filtering office air and are significantly more affordable, convenient, and just as effective as a total overhaul of your ventilation system.

Having cleaner indoor air won’t just help fight this pandemic, but it can increase the workplace’s health overall. Having quality air filters and diffusers in your office will also help battle the flu and other respiratory infections. Having your employees avoid these germs and avoid the productivity losses from sick days will only benefit your company.

We are used to having filtered water because clean drinking water is essential for public health, right? The same logic should be applied to the air we breathe, especially in an office where we spend eight-plus hours a day. Comfort First Products offers a wide variety of air filters and diffusers that are easy to install, effective, and affordable. Take a deeper look at our air filter products.

How Does COVID-19 Travel Through the Air?
COVID multiplies in the respiratory tract, enabling it to spread from being emitted from an infected person’s nose and throat during respiratory activities like breathing, speaking, singing, coughing, and sneezing. These particles differ in size, which is essential to know. There are visible particles that fall quickly and settle on nearby surfaces and floors. Compare this to the tiniest particles that nobody can see, and these can be carried at a further distance as well as stay aloft longer, depending on the conditions of the air. This is why officials have pushed for public masking-wearing and social distancing practices. This also explains why many people who work in offices were moved into work from home positions.

Why Getting Quality Air Filters and Diffusors Is Vital
Infectious aerosols remain concentrated in the air a lot longer in poorly ventilated, confined indoor spaces, like some offices. Although we all see the light at the end of the tunnel with this pandemic, it is still important to take indoor air quality seriously. More employees are coming back to the office, and the more confined an indoor space is, the greater the chance people will get sick. Even offices that are not highly crowded are still at risk as ventilation systems can still build up potentially hazardous pathogens and spread those throughout the building.

Shop Comfort First Products
An affordable, easy way to ensure that you are providing your workspace with clean, filtered air is by installing Comfort First’s air diffusers and air filters throughout your office. By doing this, you’re giving your employees a safer work environment, leading to fewer sick days and a more productive workforce. Are you interested? Browse our selection, and contact us today if you have any questions regarding our indoor air quality products!