Everything You Need to Know About Air Vent Diverters

No matter how well you keep your HVAC systems, they are infamous for creating inconsistent temperatures in commercial spaces. While keeping the HVAC system in top condition is essential, keep in mind it can still cause air flow or temperature problems. But the good news is, you can fix most of those problems pretty easily. For instance, hot and cold spots are a common problem in offices. But with the help of air vent diverters, which are also known as deflectors, you can solve that problem easily. In this blog, we will tell you key things about air vent diverters. Let’s get started.

Function of Air Vent Diverters

Many people wonder whether these diverters even work or not. Well, nobody has ever complained about using air vent diverters because they always work effectively. Their main function is to redirect hot or cold air coming from the ceiling HVAC vents for optimal temperature throughout your office.

Factors To Consider Before Getting Air Diverters

If you’re unsure whether your office needs air vent diverters or not, then check whether you’re dealing with the below-mentioned issues or not.

  • Your employees can clearly feel hot and cold spots in your office.

  • Vents are blowing air over a heat-producing appliance, the thermostat, or directly into furniture and inside of cubicles.

  • Some of your employees want to close air vents in certain areas of your office while others want more air, which affects energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

  • Your employees are looking for ways to keep themselves cool or warm in your office.

If any of the above applies to your office, then you should definitely get air vent diverters as they will surely solve all the above-mentioned problems effectively.

Difference Between Diffusers and Air Diverters

Many people make the mistake of confusing diffusers with diverters. It is essential to understand that these are not the same thing. Diffusers are built into the commercial HVAC system they attach to the ceiling and duct work of HVAC system.. Diverters, on the other hand, are attached to the diffuser to redirect air in whatever direction you want in your office. For instance, some employees experience a great deal of discomfort because of cold air directly hitting them. Some experience discomfort because of hot spots as cold air does not reach them. In such situations, diverters prove highly beneficial as they direct air coming through the diffuser in areas of your preference.

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