Is Indoor Air Quality of Your Office Space Bothering You? Think Again to Install Breathe Easy Filters

Caring for office and commercial spaces is crucial as employees work in a commercial place longer hours. There are endless possibilities, not all employees in an office are blessed with excellent immunity. Some of them might have allergies, or some might have respiratory problems.

An employer should install good-quality and efficient Breathe Easy filters on their commercial vents to assist their breathing and sustain their productivity.

Filtered air can do wonders and prevent prospective conditions where your employees may fall sick due to any health problem arising from polluted and dusty commercial spaces that may negatively affect their productivity.

Are you likewise worried about the health of your employees in this critical pandemic time with more challenges to respiratory functions and overall health deterioration due to uninvited viral attacks?

Read on further if you want to know the best way to prevent dust and microbes from affecting your staff’s health and the revenue solely dependent on your employees’ productivity.

Breathe Easy Filters: The Solution for Deteriorated Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Spaces

Breathe easy filters are an intelligent way of diffusing purified and filtered air into your office spaces. These filters boost indoor air quality (IQA) and increase its breathability.

These filters are installed on ceiling air diffusers and vents to give clean air throughout the workspace. At the same time, they can also be installed at return vents to prevent microorganisms, allergens, and dust from entering the AC system. When new blowers are installed, one can install breath-easy filters to prevent your clean commercial space from getting dusty and dirty.

It traps all the dust particles that build over the year in your ductwork!

These filters are installed quickly and can work along with other HVAC components without any hindrance to their operations. Its multi-density polyester fabric traps 86.5% of airborne microorganisms on contact. The Breathe-Easy filters trap microbes and minute allergens like pollen, mites, dust, mold, mildew, and other indoor irritants that reduce the normal breathing efficiency of the human body.

Breathe easy filters are lightweight and have compatible dimensions. Its light and minimal appearance make it easy to merge with the surroundings. Simultaneously, the frame of the breathing easy filtering system is pliable and allows the installer to bend it to fit on the air diffuser snugly. Its polyester fabric is tight-weave and makes it an efficient filter.

Since the pandemic has directly and indirectly affected people’s respiratory systems worldwide, it is essential that breathing is eased in office spaces, where a person spends 8-9 hours daily. Their exposure to microscopic particles is constrained.

Filters are necessary to trap the fine microscopic particles in the air that quickly travels to the deepest part of the human lungs. Fine nano particles irritate and damage lung tissue. Hence breathe-easy filters are crucial for asthmatic workers also. Since asthma episode is triggered without a hint, it is sensible to keep your office air clean without any possible particle to invite further asthmatic attack.

Breathe-easy filters ensure that your office is circulated, highly filtered, and free from dust, allergens, and microorganisms. It guarantees complete health to your employees significantly.

Comfort First Products

Comfort First Products is a women-owned brand of products that enhance indoor air quality and manage HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning) in commercial spaces.

So, if you are an employer, do the rightful and install today the Breathe-Easy filters to enhance indoor air quality to unimaginable standards. The filter also fits on the Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator with the Filter.