Having trouble Deciding Which Backpan You Need?

Once you’ve decided that the Comfort First Filtered Diffuser is right for you, the next step is selecting your mounting option, based upon you existing Air Conditioning or the new office design you are completing.

There are a couple of main options, and our new video helps you decide which one is right for you.

As the video explains, if you currently have a perforated diffuser, you may not need to buy a backpan.

If you have a regular diffuser, you’ll need to measure the neck size as the video shows before you order. If you want to order without getting out a ladder and measuring, you can order our Universal Backpan and pickup up some of the right sized start collars later on. If a contractor is completing your install, they should be able to handle this step for you.

Finally, if you have a hard ceiling like in a typical home, our Surface Mount Backpan is the solution for you.