Filter Subscription Program for Comfort First Filtered Diffuser (MERV12 and MERV14)

From $15.99 every 6 months

Subscribe to our Filter Subscription and save in two ways!

First, you get access to volume pricing, no matter the quantity you order.

Second, you pay shipping for the first order, but all renewals SHIP FREE!

Simply select how often you would like to change your filters out. 4 Months for Industrial or older buildings, whilst newer cleaner environments may last up to 6 months between changes.



Get diffuser filters mailed to you automatically every 4 months and keep your staff feeling happy and healthy!

When the diffuser filters in your Comfort First Filtered Diffuser are ready to be replaced, we have you taken care of. This filter replacement pack will cover filter replacements for all of the filters within your diffuser. Each pack comes with four filters, one for each louver of the diffuser. Easy to install and even easier to maintain, these replacement filters make it easy to ensure that quality of air is never lacking in your establishment.

MERV 12 is standard for offices and most locations. MERV 14 is perfect for Hospitals, Labs and other areas requiring higher filtration, where static pressure will not be an issue.

Simply subscribe to one set for every Comfort First Filtered Diffuser you have in your office and we will keep mailing you filters, so you don’t have to remember to re order.

Wondering how many Filtered Diffusers you have installed? Give us a call and we can tell you how many you’ve purchased.

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4 Months, 5 Months, 6 Months

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