Rectangle Plastic Air Diverters – Deflector


Eliminate hot or cold spots in the office with the plastic air diverter. This rectangular diverter helps deflect unwanted pockets of air and helps to keep air flow regulated and controlled throughout your space. Designed to fit perfectly over your air vent, this product is easy to install and fits almost anywhere. This product features: 

  • Light and minimal appearance 
  • Easy installation
  • Can work alongside our products and other accessories.

Whether you want to order in bulk or simply want to test out our products, we guarantee your space will be comfortable and your IAQ will improve. Choose a value pack to save money on shipping. 



Controlling the flow of the air in your commercial building will help to improve air quality. Do just that with this plastic air diverter and vent deflector combination!


  • This plastic vent deflector is rust, chip, and bend resistant.
  • The plastic air diverter prevents dust buildup and resists sweating.
  • Ideal for office buildings, and for construction jobs.

Strategically redirect the airflow in your commercial building with this plastic air diverter and air vent deflector combination. By installing these over your standard HVAC air diffuser, you can prevent the air from blowing straight down, and you can also ensure that it won’t congregate in the corner of the room.

NOTE: Air diverters are intended to be used one at a time. Do not block the entire diffuser by using two side by side.


  • Fits Over a 2’ x 2’ Ceiling Air Diffuser
  • 12” Wide x 24” Long x 2.75” High
  • .080 Gauge Polystyrene Construction

Plastic air diverters and deflectors. ABS material, Never Rust, Never Chip, Never Bend, no paint, plastic composition, resists sweating, reduce dust buildup, ceiling restoration, new construction, Improved material, light stabilizing cap, Fits over 2×2 ceiling air diffuser.

Rectangular Air Diverter or Deflector -White 24″x 12″ for traditional style ceiling air diffusers. Divert cold or hot air from HVAC air conditioning units from blowing down directly.  Easily installed underneath a standard 2’x 2′ HVAC diffuser. Size 24″ wide x 12″ long x 2.75″ high. White styrene construction. NOTE: Air Diverters are intended to be used one at a time. Do not block the entire diffuser by using two side by side.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 24 × 3 in
Value Packs

Single, Three, Five, Ten