Best Ceiling Air Diverters and Deflectors

Have you noticed your home or business being colder in one room or area than another? Uneven air distribution can affect not only your comfort but also your energy bills. At Comfort First Products, we provide solutions to maximize your HVAC system’s output at an affordable price. Air diverters and deflectors can help redirect your airflow to ensure a more even distribution of air from your HVAC system. Check out our top air diverters and deflectors below! 

Commercial Filtered Diffuser

Getting the proper airflow in commercial buildings can be tricky. Our commercial filtered diffuser has adjustable louvers to evenly distribute air throughout your commercial space. Our commercial filtered diffuser captures dirt, germs, viruses, and allergens through the sleek-designed unit. Filter options include: 

  • MERV12: Perfect for offices and most commercial buildings. 
  • MERV14: Used in hospitals, labs, and other places where static pressure isn’t an issue.

Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator Air Diverter

Drafts can be annoying and also create an uncomfortable living or workspace. At Comfort First Products your comfort is a top priority. Our Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator Air Diverter panels provide extra temperature control. The panels also come with a filter and can be adjusted to your preference.

Corner Plastic Air Diverters

Our corner plastic air diverters are perfect for commercial office spaces to help eliminate hot or cold spots within the room. The air being deflected helps keep the airflow regulated. It is very easy to install and is barely noticeable — other than the difference you will feel with your office temperatures.


Rectangle Plastic Air Diverters

Our rectangle plastic air diverters are much like our corner plastic air diverters. The main difference is the position of the diverter. Both are ceiling air diverters. The rectangle plastic air diverter divides your vent equally in half while the corner expands across the corner of your vent. 

You don’t have to deal with uneven heating or cooling again! Comfort First Products offers a wide range of ceiling air diverters, diffusers, filters, and many more products to ensure the air you breathe is evenly distributed and clean. Shop our selection today!