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The Comfort First Filtered Diffuser Reduces Illness and Allergies by trapping Airborne Contaminants, Ends Complaints of Drafts by improving Air Distribution and Saves Energy

All of These Features Contained in One Integrated Unit


The Comfort First Filtered Diffuser™ is specifically designed to solve the three biggest complaints in offices today; drafts from overhead supply air diffusers blowing onto occupants, illness, and allergies caused from ductwork pollution entering the work area.  Over time, ductwork gets polluted and the NEW MERV 12 electrostatic filters can collect particles smaller than half the size of a grain of salt at a 40% efficiency level. This includes many bacteria’s, mildews, dust, VOC’s and more, which can cause respiratory problems, allergy attacks, illness and more.  The cost effective filters require no power and are easily replaced every 4 to 6 months.  “By eliminating complaints of drafts and allergic reactions to duct pollution, companies save money from fewer sick days taken and increased productivity,” explains David Northcutt, National Sales Manager for Comfort First Products.  A Chief Engineer for a large Metropolitan Transit Authority said, “We originally purchased the Comfort First Filtered Diffusers™ to prevent ductwork pollution from blowing into the office areas.  We immediately saw an improvement in the air quality and several workers experienced improved health.  The serendipity is that the employees suffering from the cold air blowing on them stopped their complaining as well.  The diffusers appearance is universally liked by all.  The cleaning company raves they no longer need to dust the furniture. This is a truly win-win-win product.”


Additional saving comes from fewer workers compensation claims and employee lawsuits.  With indoor air quality concerns growing, employers are looking for affordable ways to protect their employees from illness and discomfort while increasing happiness, productivity and morale. “We drink filtered water, we should breathe filtered air!” said David Northcutt.  Also, the Comfort First diffuser provides such superior air distribution that a comfortable room temperature is more quickly achieved, causing the AC unit to cycle on less often and for a shorter amount of time, saving energy.  This also allows the thermostat to be increased one to three degrees, with each degree saving as much as 4% of energy consumption.


Available directly from Comfort First Products in Santa Ana, CA

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Or from dealers across the country.


Comfort First Products, IDM, Inc. manufactures indoor air quality products that work to increase comfort and improve airflow while maintaining proper system balance.  Founded in 1977, the company expanded into the HVAC space with the goal of solving a common workplace problem, employee air comfort, by introducing the Patented Control-A-Flow® Draft Eliminator, which won the Best New Product of the Year award in 1996 from Professional Trade Shows and also won the Product of the Year from Plant Engineering in 2001.  It works by easily installing over existing vents to immediately increase comfort levels.  Now available with advanced anti-microbial filtration of dust, pollens, rust and other airborne pollutants.  The company’s second patent came with the Comfort First Filtered Diffuser which won the Silver award for Product of The Year from Plant Engineering magazine.  With the recent addition of a MERV 12 filter, it too can increase health and productivity by offering superior air distribution and cleaning the air as it enters the workspace.