What is IAQ?

Here at Comfort First Products and across the industry, you’ll see and hear a lot of people talking about Indoor Air Quality or IAQ for short. But what exactly is IAQ? The guys over at the Indoor Air Quality Association have put together a helpful video explaining just that!



At Comfort First Products, we focus on products that can increase a companies Indoor Air Quality and making your employee happier and productive. Our four-way vent filtered vent diffusers like the Comfort First Filtered Diffuser or our easy to install Control-A-Flow can decrease IAQ complaints, all the while saving you money on your next Air Conditioning bill.

Not every air vent deflector out there is the same. Many just redirect the air. Ours can help to increase Indoor Air Quality by filtering the supply air as it enters your office. Our MERV 12 or 14 filters are the industry standard for Indoor Air Quality improvement.

Give the Comfort First Filtered Diffuser a go today!