Is your cold office causing you to gain weight?

Have you recently started a new job in a chilly office? Or maybe you’ve been at your current job for a while, but you are constantly freezing. Did you know that a cold office or reduced daylight exposure can both affect your weight? Alan Hedge, a workplace design specialist at Cornell University has been publishing research about women who feel constantly cold at work.

He believes that they tend to gain one or two pounds per year as increased body insulation, even without consuming the calories that would usually be needed for the weight gain!

Even more so, cubical workers who are deprived of light, especially in the morning, tend to gain an additional 1.4 pounds of weight annually. Apparently, a lack of light will disturb your circadian rhythms, causing undue snacking.

For employers, having cold employees cold is a problem too. The research continues, “At 77 degrees Fahrenheit, the workers were typing 100 percent of the time with a 10 percent error rate, but at 68 degrees their typing rate went down to 54 percent of the time with a 25 percent error rate,” Hedge says. “Temperature is certainly a key variable that can impact performance.”

So, what can we do?

Here at Comfort First Products we recognize that fashion and people’s different temperature tolerances often lead to office thermostat wars. That’s why we developed our Comfort First Filtered Diffuser and Control-A-Flow air vent deflector and diverter. Both are effective re-directing air from overhead vents along the ceiling, preventing cold air from blowing onto employees below and maintains a more even temperature throughout your office, so all workers are comfortable.

Add in our filters that collect ductwork pollution before it enters into the workspace and you have an awesome solution to keep your employees happy, healthy and productive!

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